Atmospheric Plasma

Surface Preparation Systems and Plasma Cleaning Systems using an Atmospheric Plasma developped by Ontos Equipment Systems, a sister company founded by SETNA.

ONTOS CLEAN – Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment

Helium & Argon Atmospheric Plasma – R&D and Production Line Oriented

ONTOS CLEAN is a semiautomated system for Surface Preparation using a patented Atmospheric Plasma with a unique design enabling, without any modification, oxidizing or reducing chemistry.

Ontos performs Cleaning, Eliminates Organic Contamination, Activates Surfaces and Removes Oxidation.

An Innovative Process applies a gaseous passivation that delays the re-oxidation of the metallic surfaces.


OntosIS (OEM)

The OEM version of the Ontos Plasma Head is available for integration into third party equipment.

The Plasma Curtain is available in several widths (down to 10mm) to enable optimization of the gas consumption on smaller devices or to adapt to larger devices.