LDP150 Large Device Bonding Press

The LDP150 is an Electrical Press especially designed for bonding large light or radiation detectors (50 ~ 150 mm). It uses compression process at room temperature (thermo-compression option available). A predefined gap can be achieved between two components previously pre-bonded using a high accuracy device bonder such as the SET FC150.

The LDP 150 is able to apply force up to 100,000 N. The device is pressed at room temperature, preserving the initial high accuracy alignment and parallelism.

  Self leveling sphere moving on air bearing and locked by vacuum preserves the initial parallelism of the component stack

  High force (up to 100,000N) and controlled force profile ensure bond join quality

  Granite base and rigid stiff steel structure maintain the initial high accuracy of the assembly

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    The LDP150 accommodates a wide variety of materials, including extremely fragile materials such as GaAs and HgCdTe and processes:

      Room Temperature Compression

      Thermo-Compression (optional)

      Bonding is achieved by pressing the components together with accurate control of the force profile

      Priority can be given either to the force or to the gap variation

      Parallelism and gap are monitored at all time during the bonding sequence

    The devices are pressed together at room temperature while preserving the initial high accuracy alignment and parallelism.

      Large Infrared Focal Plane Arrays for Military or Aerospace Applications

      Large XY, UV, Detectors