FC300 High Precision Die / Flip Chip Bonder

The FC300 High Precision Die / Flip Chip Bonder is the newest generation of high accuracy and high force system for chip-to-chip and chip-to-wafer bonding, on wafers up to 300 mm.

The FC300 platform performs multiple applications including:

  • High Force, particularly interesting for Cu-Cu bonding as used in 3D-IC packaging.
  • Low Force Reflow Bonding for imaging devices, RF, or Optoelectronics assembly;
  • UV-Curing for Adhesive Bonding

The tool features automated handling of chips and substrates up to 100 mm from waffle packs, plus a robotic option enabling chip picking from diced wafer and automated handling of larger substrates.

  ± 0.5 µm post-bonding accuracy and 20 µradians leveling guarantee highest quality for the most advanced products

  Semi-Open Confinement Chamber for Oxide Reduction (option)

  Bonding of devices up to 100 x 100 mm onto wafer up to 300 mm to enable large format assemblies

  NIL configuration as add-on to bonding capability for maximum flexibility

  Air bearing construction on a granite structure ensures long-term stability and reliability

  Optional integrated chamber for gang reflow in a gas or vacuum environment


Components Size
Chip (Upper Component) 0.2 ~ 100 mm Thickness up to 6.3 mm
Substrate (Lower Component) Wafer up to Ø 300 mm or substrate up to 200 x 200 mm Thickness up to 5 mm
Bonding Arm
Post-Bonding Accuracy ± 0.5 μm @ 3 sigma*
Leveling Travel ± 1 degree, Resolution 4.2 μrad
Z Travel 180 mm, Resolution 0.03 μm
Force 5 N to 4,000 N*
Alignment Stage
XY stage Travel 410 x 395 mm, Resolution 0.01 μm
Theta Travel ± 5 degrees, Resolution 0.4 μradian
Bonding Heads
Heating sq. 22, 50, 100 mm, RT to 450°C, Resolution 1°C
Ultrasonic 55 -65 kHz, 40 W max
UV 120 mW/cm2 @ 365 nm
Substrate Heating Chucks
Substrate Dimensions sq. 22, 50, 150, 200 mm, Ø 300 mm
Temperature Range RT to 450°C, Resolution 1°C
XY Inspection Travel 100 x 80 mm, Resolution 0.01 μm
Autocollimator Sensitivity 20 μradian on mirror
Digital Camera Resolution 0.55 μm per pixel
Illumination Dark Field and Bright Field by LED
Field of View 890 x 680 μm
Pattern Recognition System Cognex ™
Advanced Laser Leveling System
Fluid Dispenser
Nanoimprint Lithography
Processes Step & Repeat Hot Embossing, UV-NIL or Soft Lithography
– Imprinting Resolution Sub-50 nm
– Overlay Accuracy 250 nm

* Data, design and specifications depend on individual process conditions and can vary according to equipment configurations. Not all specifications may be valid simultaneously. Illustrations, photos and specifications in this datasheet are not legally binding. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The FC150 accommodates a wide variety of materials, including extremely fragile materials such as GaAs and HgCdTe and processes:

  Die Bonding (Face Up)

  Flip Chip Bonding (Face to Face)

  Mass Reflow, In-Situ Reflow, Fluxless Eutectic Bonding

  Thermocompression Bonding, Ultrasonic Bonding

  UV-Curing Bonding, Adhesive Bonding

  UV-NILHot Embossing Lithography

  Chip-to-Chip, Chip-to-Wafer Bonding

  3D Interconnect, Chip Stacking, Heterogeneous Integration

  Optoelectronics and Photonic Device Assembly


  Nanoimprint Applications: Optics, Microfluidics, etc…