ACCµRA 100: Education and R&D oriented, High Accuracy Flip-Chip Bonder

The ACCµRA™100 is a semi-automatic flip-chip bonder that guarantees ± 0.5 µm placement accuracy. Its flexibility makes it ideal for developing a wide range of applications. ACCµRA™100 combines high precision, accessibility and cost-effectiveness. It is the perfect equipment for universities and R&D institutes.


  • Post-bonding accuracy* (± 0,5 μm)
  • Easy to use and very flexible
  • Quick set-up of new applications
  • Cost-effective
  • Small footprint and compact design
  • High bonding force

*depending on configuration and application.

 Open platform associated to an intuitive interface results in a quick set-up for new applications

  Robust design and closed loop systems guarantee a high repeatability in operations

  It combines on the same platform high precision, low to high force and user-friendly interface for multiple applications and processes

Components Size
Chip (Upper Component) 0.2 ~ 50 mm (square), thickness: 0,03 ~ 2 mm
Substrate (Upper Component) 0.2 ~ 100 mm (square), thickness: 0,03 ~ 2 mm
Bonding Arm
Post-Bonding Accuracy ± 0.5 μm
Z resolution 0.06 μm
Force 0.1 up to 1,000N
Alignment Stage
XY stage Resolution 0.05 μm
Theta Travel ± 10 degrees, Resolution 3 μradian
Bonding Heads
Room Temperature Square 50 mm
Heating Square 22 or 50, 450°C
Ultrasonic 55- 65 kHz, 40 W max.
UV 80 mW/cm² @ 365 nm
Substrate Chucks
Room Temperature Square 22, 50 or 100mm
Heating Square 22, 50 or 100mm, 450°C
Digital camera resolution 2 sight cameras 0,37 µm/pixel
Field of View 900 x 700 µm
Automatic alignment Optional
Dispenser Ionizers bar
UV Curing system Flux or Adhesive dipping station
Autocollimator / Parallelism adjustment Frame with elastomer insulator
Face up alignment and pick up station Automatic alignment
Process recording
General Characteristics 
Machine Footprint 750 x 750 mm
Machine Height 800mm
Machine Weight ~420 kg

*Data, design and specifications depend on individual process conditions and can vary according to equipment configurations. Not all specifications may be valid simultaneously. Illustrations, photos and specifications in this datasheet are not legally binding. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Main bonding processes

  Flip-chip bonding

  Die bonding

  Pick and place



  UV curing


  Gold, Gold/Tin, Indium, Copper

  UV or thermal cure adhesives


Main Applications

  Micro assembly

  Laser diode, laser bar

  VCSEL, photo diode


  Flip-chip bonding, die bonding

  Chip-to-chip, chip-to-substrate bonding

  MOEMS, MEMS, MCM packaging…

  3D packaging

  Nanoimprinting (UV NIL and Hot Embossing)