ACCµRA M: New Manual Flip-Chip Bonder

The ACCμRA M is a manual flip-chip bonder that allows ± 3 μm accuracy.

This equipment permits to align manually the components with a high level of precision. The motorized arm controls precisely the bonding force. Combining and synchronizing the arm with the temperature controller, it guarantees a perfect quality and high repeatability of your process.

The ACCμRA M, more than a pick-and-place system, offers thermocompression and reflow capabilities. It is the perfect equipment for universities and R&D institutes.


  • Accuracy* (± 3 μm)
  • Process controlled thanks to closed loop systems
  • Easy to use
  • Granite structure offering high stiffness
  • Vertical arm avoiding lateral shift during bonding
  • Small footprint on open platform

*depending on configuration and application.

Open platform with simple user interface on touchscreen

Quick start for new applications

Superimposed images for easy manual alignment

Bonding controlled by the machine to guarantee a high repeatability from sample to sample.

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Main bonding processes

Flip-chip bonding

Die bonding

Pick and place


UV curing


Gold, Gold/Tin, Indium, Copper

Main Applications

Micro assembly

Laser diode, laser bar

VCSEL, photo diode


Flip-chip bonding, die bonding

Chip-to-chip, chip-to-substrate bonding

MOEMS, MEMS, MCM packaging…